New Warcraft Expansion Revealed

I AM FREAKING OUT!!! The goodies are coming from Blizzcon so fast! The next expansion title has been revealed and it looks so good! Look at my girl, Warchief Sylvanas! Here's the cinematic trailer. Seriously, this trailer got me so hyped! As my friend, whose currently at Blizzcon said, "So many accounts are [...]

In the Shadows: A Short Warcraft Fanfic

After the Siege of Orgrimmar... The sun began to set as the red dust in the air settled back onto the Durotar ground. The air smelled of blood as the warm, desert wind breathed softly onto the skin of the armies. The Alliance and Horde were victorious in retaking Orgrimmar from Garrosh Hellscream. As a show [...]

Love is Alive in the World of ‘Warcraft’

Who in the world--of Warcraft do you think would risk it all for just one kiss?