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Streaming Video Games on Twitch

I¬†wrote and published a little book back in August. It's a very quick, introductory guide to using Twitch to stream video games. A Beginner's Guide to Live-streaming Video Games is a quick, fun and realistic read for those looking to get into streaming and making it a career. So buy my book! Now! And tell… Continue reading Streaming Video Games on Twitch

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World of Warcraft: Legion Release is Purely Epic

So many people, including myself, were dreading the launch day usual suspects: severe lag, server disconnects, random restarts. Who remembers the Warlords of Draenor epic "I'm stuck in flight" fiasco when we first discovered our garrisons? The release of Legion was not only a huge sigh of relief, but it's been purely amazing! Legion is… Continue reading World of Warcraft: Legion Release is Purely Epic

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Pre-Legion is All About Fashion

One of the greatest tools implemented into World of Warcraft is the ability to use Transmogrification. That is, for my non-WoW affluent friends, the ability to change the appearance of your gear based on items that you have previously collected. With the release of Legion just around the corner, I've chosen to level a few… Continue reading Pre-Legion is All About Fashion