No Title, Just Forbidden

I wrote this a few years ago about a guy I loved, still do. It hit me like a disciplined holy nova Out of nowhere. How can I possibly want you as much as I do? We're from two different worlds, you know. So how can we possibly work? What am I even thinking? A [...]

I amuse myself!

So, I made up a little jingle for everyone who bitches and complains in battlegrounds. He cries in BGs and loses his cool Because he thinks his whole team is made up of fooooooooools! He's Mister Angry on the interwebz! Mister. Angry on the interwebz! He calls everyone names and pisses them off. The healers [...]

I Don’t Want to

I don't want to love him but I do. I don't want to hurt when I hear his silence but I do. I don't want to dream about him holding my hand, walking the streets of my old neighborhood, talking, keeping me safe but I do. I want to want someone who notices me talks [...]

Dreams of Me, Dreams of You

You say that you don’t remember your dreams, But you’ve told me of dreams you’ve had of me. Most of your dreams are night-terrors, Waking you from your sleep You crouch in a dark corner with no memory. I hold you in my arms and feel your sweat, Bring you water to soothe you. But [...]

Good-bye Angry Soul, Hello Love

You loved me when I was angry, soul heavy with depression You held me, comforted me, consoled me when I was filled with sadness and I loved you for it. But, when I stopped being angry, stopped arguing, stopped fighting, and became quiet, you stopped loving me. I’m not angry anymore and I guess you [...]