Why Story-Driven Single Player Games Are Making A Comeback

Everyone loves a good story. Stories draw the audience in and captivate them. People become emotionally invested in well-developed characters. Love them or hate them, a character that's well-developed in a well-written storyline can bring out all the feels. Think about the HBO original series, Game of Thrones based on the very detailed epic fantasy [...]

Is Overwatch Over-watching?

Would an Overwatch graphic novel have limited lore and fan fiction? Players and fans of Overwatch were excited about the release of its first graphic novel, Overwatch: First Strike. Sadly, the release was cancelled November 16, 2016 and fans never got to experience the 100 page, full-length graphic novel. Why tease players with beautiful content and storytelling [...]

Harassment in the Gaming Community Needs to Stop

It's time to stop minimizing what harassment is and start holding people accountable for their actions online. The American Psychological Association defines harassment as "threatening, harmful or humiliating conduct based on race, color, national origin, sex or disability" regardless of intent. Harassment creates a hostile environment that interferes with or limits a person's ability to participate in [...]

Video Gaming Mamas, We Salute You

We honor the strong, kickass mothers you are by recognizing video game moms!

Blackwatch Skins Tell Overwatch’s Dark History

What can we learn about Overwatch lore from the Blackwatch character skins? The characters from Overwatch are not just a group of vigilante special ops agents sent to protect the world. Overwatch was formed, officially, to combat the Omnic Crisis. Within Overwatch, however, another group existed specifically for handling black ops (covert) scenarios. This team was [...]