My Forever 21 Meme Went Viral

Today, I learned that my meme has gone viral, but for the wrong reason. People think...the meme, was actually advertised on Forever 21 as so. It was not.

Tales from Azeroth

Once upon a time, a holy priestess, Dirtydianna from Teldrassil awaited a battleground with her friends. It was a beautiful, Saturday evening. She joked and laughed with her friends on Discord. Then suddenly, she received a strange message from someone she did not know--a vile message. hey bitch what spec is you? What did she [...]

Dreaming of WTF

A few years ago, I began writing down my dreams as soon as I woke up, as much details as possible, whatever I could remember--things, colors, words, places, numbers. I would try to decode my dreams, looking for meaning. My dreams don't always make sense, but I did notice that I dream of specific places when [...]