New Warcraft Expansion Revealed

I AM FREAKING OUT!!! The goodies are coming from Blizzcon so fast! The next expansion title has been revealed and it looks so good! Look at my girl, Warchief Sylvanas! Here's the cinematic trailer. Seriously, this trailer got me so hyped! As my friend, whose currently at Blizzcon said, "So many accounts are [...]

Is Overwatch Over-watching?

Would an Overwatch graphic novel have limited lore and fan fiction? Players and fans of Overwatch were excited about the release of its first graphic novel, Overwatch: First Strike. Sadly, the release was cancelled November 16, 2016 and fans never got to experience the 100 page, full-length graphic novel. Why tease players with beautiful content and storytelling [...]

Blackwatch Skins Tell Overwatch’s Dark History

What can we learn about Overwatch lore from the Blackwatch character skins? The characters from Overwatch are not just a group of vigilante special ops agents sent to protect the world. Overwatch was formed, officially, to combat the Omnic Crisis. Within Overwatch, however, another group existed specifically for handling black ops (covert) scenarios. This team was [...]