Temple of Kotmogu: Battleground Basics

PvPing with my undead baby. Those heals! Thing is, it takes more than keeping the team alive to win a battleground, especially this one. Here are a few tips for doing Temple of Kotmogu (the battleground where you have to get the orbs): 1. You have to get the orbs. 2. You can't be afraid of [...]

The Power of Positivity in BGs

Hey Wildflower, why do you keep posting about battlegrounds? I keep posting about battlegrounds because there's something to be said about our generation's defeatist attitudes. It goes hand in hand with the new trend of being as offensive as possible on the internet, as both are born of negativity and misery. Very early on in [...]

I amuse myself!

So, I made up a little jingle for everyone who bitches and complains in battlegrounds. He cries in BGs and loses his cool Because he thinks his whole team is made up of fooooooooools! He's Mister Angry on the interwebz! Mister. Angry on the interwebz! He calls everyone names and pisses them off. The healers [...]

What’s new?

This little flower has been quite busy. My guild, Casual Cutthroats, has grown--not too big, but grown in closeness and strength. We're still uber casual, but we have such a good time playing together. My stream is also growing, slowly but surely. I've been playing around with the graphics for my Twitch channel, creating new [...]

The Red

The silver moons’ light crept through the slowly rising red mists over the creek’s still water. The mist surrounded the lifeless body of an old man lying face up, the color fading from his wide open crystal blue eyes. His long, white hair lay almost neatly on the moist, black earth beneath his head. A [...]

Another piece from Blood of Zee: Old Blood, New Life

*Just a sneak peek into part two of my book series, Blood of Zee series, "Blood of Zee: Old Blood, New Life". Make sure you're all caught up and up-to-date with part one, "Blood of Zee: Unfinished Business". Zoe smiled and rose from the table, along with Amelia. They headed up the stairs where Mr. [...]