More World of Warcraft Legion Fan-girling

I just can't get over how amazing the scenery is! I swear, the imagery really just sucks me in. When people ask me why I love this game so much, it's this scene that explains why. And do I have a "pixel crush" on Jarod Shadowsong? Another thing I'm enjoying about this expansion: having a … Continue reading More World of Warcraft Legion Fan-girling

Pre-Legion is All About Fashion

One of the greatest tools implemented into World of Warcraft is the ability to use Transmogrification. That is, for my non-WoW affluent friends, the ability to change the appearance of your gear based on items that you have previously collected. With the release of Legion just around the corner, I've chosen to level a few … Continue reading Pre-Legion is All About Fashion

My Book is Live

If you're a new streamer or considering streaming, grab my new book, "A Beginner's Guide to Live-streaming Video Games: So you want to stream video games" I wrote this quick guide as way to have all of my resources in one place. Buying this book supports my stream and my writing career while offering a … Continue reading My Book is Live