The Power of Positivity in BGs

Hey Wildflower, why do you keep posting about battlegrounds? I keep posting about battlegrounds because there's something to be said about our generation's defeatist attitudes. It goes hand in hand with the new trend of being as offensive as possible on the internet, as both are born of negativity and misery. Very early on in [...]

I amuse myself!

So, I made up a little jingle for everyone who bitches and complains in battlegrounds. He cries in BGs and loses his cool Because he thinks his whole team is made up of fooooooooools! He's Mister Angry on the interwebz! Mister. Angry on the interwebz! He calls everyone names and pisses them off. The healers [...]

Warcraft Diary

Dear Diary, Tonight, I said good night to my guild, ready to go to bed. Then, forgetting I was still queued for a BG, it popped. So I said to myself, "what the hell" and accepted the queue. Five hours later I have not lost a battleground and I'm SLEEPY!!! But winning feels sooooo good! [...]

I Don’t Want to

I don't want to love him but I do. I don't want to hurt when I hear his silence but I do. I don't want to dream about him holding my hand, walking the streets of my old neighborhood, talking, keeping me safe but I do. I want to want someone who notices me talks [...]

The Update

A lot has happened since I’ve last written a blog post for GAW Writes—so many wonderful things. “Blood of Zee” is nearly complete. I became a Beachbody Coach and have a fitness website; I’ve lost 42lbs including fitness into my daily lifestyle, eating healthier and just feeling amazing! I am obsessed with Les Mills Pump! [...]

That time I almost got arrested in Dubai

I wanted to share a, now funny, little anecdote about an incident I had in Dubai. I originally posted this article in 2011 when I had no followers and only my friends and, sadly, my mother, read it. Anyway, here’s something for Hump Day that will surely cheer you up. I had begun to work [...]