It’s a Warcraft Kind of Sunday

Warning: Argus Spoilers Are Abound

I was doing “Timewalking Dungeons” and noticed Ancient Brewmaster pulled my card! Seriously, WoW always has great banter in-game. It’s one of the things that keeps us addicted enjoying the game.

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I can’t believe I’ve never noticed this one before. One of the many reasons I absolutely love playing WoW.

OH! Who has a new, super cute Gnome, Blood Death Knight? THIS GIRL! She’s beyond adorable. I started this DK because the guild needed a gnome DK for the “Stay Classy” achievement.

Right now I’m making my way through the Argus questline. I’m so excited to learn more about Alleria, Warchief Sylvanas’s sister. So far, she’s pretty bad ass and so is her husband, Turalyon. I listened to the audiobook of  “A Thousand Years of War – Part One: Two Bright Lights” and Turalyon and Alleria’s connection is beautiful, romantic, lovely.  When Alleria tells Turalyon, “If the Light lets you die of old age here, I’ll be very, very angry with it.” All the warm feels!

Like me, (and I guess now Illidan) Alleria doesn’t quite trust the Light.

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I am a little worried about her working with Locus Walker, though. I don’t trust him. He sounds sketchy. I get that Alleria has issues with the Light, but he’s pushing her into dangerous territory with absorbing shadow.

And then, guild shenanigans ensued. A few guildies and I ventured to Pornshire. That’s Goldshire on Moonguard. The inn in Goldshire is a cesspool of freaky-deaky dealings and onlookers, like us. It’s quite interesting to see, especially if you’re bored. And no, I’d never make fun of anyone’s lifestyle. It’s just interesting, and yeah, fun, to see this in the form of video game avatars–people in bear form and enlarged Demon Hunters. It’s INSANE!

That’s it for the Sunday Funday shenanigans. How do you spend your WoW Sundays?

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