A Tale of Casual Triumph

A few weeks ago, someone got super mad and told me to delete WoW because they didn’t like a post I made. I cried on the inside and contemplated deleting World of Warcraft. I felt so lost. So I ate a Snickers ice cream bar and watched “Willow”.

Then suddenly, a bright light shone through my window and onto my face. It was 9pm. Weird right? As fear filled my heart, I reluctantly looked. It was Prophet Velen. And he said unto me:

“Not all who wander are lost.To end your WoW life is an unwise decision. Get back to healing, you big dummy!”

He was right! And heal my little ass off I did! And it paid off! My uber casual little guild is 8/9 H. ToS. We were all super moist. Then one of our tanks ninja pulled Kil’Jaeden.

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