My Forever 21 Meme Went Viral

The other day, a friend of mine shared Forever 21’s new dress–a PT shirt cut tackily into an open back dress. I didn’t believe him at first. So, I went to to see if it was real. It was. I laughed. Shook my head. And thought of the many girls and women who flutter around military bases in hopes of landing a military boyfriend or husband. So, I created a meme and posted it on Instagram.

barracks hoe original
Original dress on Forever 21. Has since been taken down.
barracks hoe
A meme, created by moi!

Today, I learned that my meme has gone viral, but for the wrong reason. People think that the later pic, the meme, was actually advertised on Forever 21 as so. It was not. There was even an article where little research was done. The comments section was quite interesting. The dress has since been removed from the website, but there are still a lot of other Army dresses on the website.

I don’t think Forever 21 understands the implications for mocking part of the US Army uniform. Intentional or not, that is what these dresses do. The camouflage ones are okay. Well, they’re still hideous, but what can you do? It’s Forever 21.

Now, I will address my bad behavior and my prejudices toward some, not all, but some women, particularly high school girls or girls fresh out of high school who have little to no aspirations in life EXCEPT to land a military boyfriend or husband. Unfortunately, I’ve seen it and this is what these dresses remind me of. In the article mentioned above, the term used is “barracks bunny”.

I worked for the military abroad, in Iraq and here at home as well having been raised around the military, both parents being retirees. So, I see these dresses as a blatant insult to the military. I also find them hilarious and tacky. And the commentary is just as bad as my meme.

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