Temple of Kotmogu: Battleground Basics

PvPing with my undead baby. Those heals! Thing is, it takes more than keeping the team alive to win a battleground, especially this one. Here are a few tips for doing Temple of Kotmogu (the battleground where you have to get the orbs):

1. You have to get the orbs.
2. You can’t be afraid of going in the center. While you do get points for holding orbs on the outside, you get more points for dominating the center while holding the orbs.
3. Being in the center makes it so much easier for healers to actually heal you. *please don’t complain about not getting heals if you’re not in LoS)
4. Healers do understand that part of the job is to kill opposition holding the orbs–and their healers. Don’t be afraid to communicate. “Hey, I’m going for their carrier up top”. Not every healer will follow just you around.
5. Grab orbs.
6. All the healing in the world can’t make us win without….getting the orbs and bringing them mid.
7. It’s scary, I know. Especially when you see all those enemies in mid. But, that’s the object of the battleground.
8. Expect to die. It happens.
9. Did I mention get you have to get the orbs? That’s pretty important.
10. Who says undead aren’t cute? Sheeeeyit! I’m fucking beautiful as fuck!


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