The Power of Positivity in BGs

Hey Wildflower, why do you keep posting about battlegrounds?

I keep posting about battlegrounds because there’s something to be said about our generation’s defeatist attitudes. It goes hand in hand with the new trend of being as offensive as possible on the internet, as both are born of negativity and misery.

Very early on in my last battleground, we had a 3 base lead in Arathi Basin (I snuck and capped Blacksmith. I’m such a super, sneaky priest!). Well, we lost Blacksmith after a grueling battle. Then, the negativity began.we can still win

Needless to say, we did win. We never stopped fighting. And honestly, no one argued with him. We continued to communicate and ended up 5-capping! We lost one base in the end, but, we won with a 4-cap. One of the other healers even mocked the guy who called the game a loss at the very beginning!

we win

So, for me, the question becomes, where did all this negativity in the gaming world come from? Why do people give up so easily? Do these same people give up just as easily irl? Who knows! But I’d love to do some research on it!

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