When they say “Alliance can’t pvp”…

My guildies and I having a little fun in battlegrounds.

I’m a casual WoW player who enjoys both player versus player and player versus environment. I like to think that I’m pretty decent. Definitely not the best out there, but dammit! I do good stuffs! I also derp. A LOT. But one of the biggest derps I come across in battlegrounds on both the Horde and Alliance side, mostly Alliance side, though, is the incessant negativity, right from the beginning!

I’ve entered BGs where, before the match began, people were talking about how “Alliance never wins” and “Alliance doesn’t know how to pvp”. I don’t think people realize that sometimes negativity can really set the tone. You go in with a defeatist attitude and that’s what you get. You make it your reality because you’ve spread your negativity. In all honesty, I think those people are miserable outside of the game and are probably negative in life or probably had a bad day and is taking it out on everyone else. And I really wish they would stop that!

Granted, I understand that video games are an outlet for people, many of whom aren’t very social outside of the game for whatever reasons. It’s just such a killjoy for others. And I like to win, dammit!

So, before you enter a battleground with a negative attitude, ready to throw in the towel before the match even starts, try envisioning victory.

OR, just shut the fuck up and play.

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