Tales from Azeroth

Once upon a time, a holy priestess, Dirtydianna from Teldrassil awaited a battleground with her friends. It was a beautiful, Saturday evening. She joked and laughed with her friends on Discord. Then suddenly, she received a strange message from someone she did not know–a vile message.

hey bitch what spec is you?

WoWScrnShot_040117_172443What did she do to deserve to be addressed in such a foul manner? She understood that young boys and men often addressed each other in disrespectful ways as terms of endearment, but, why address her in such a way? She did not know this person, nor did he know her. It is quite possible her reputation of a brave healer, leader of a guild of cutthroats and streamer may have garnered her a tad bit of attention. She read the message to the gentlemen whom she fought side by side with, day after day, defeating foes great and small. They, too, did not understand why Dirtydianna received such a message. Could this person be someone she had spurned and ignored and is, therefore, retaliating? She did not know!

Alas. After 15 seconds of pondering, agonizing over the disrespect, she responded in kind:

Learn how to inspect and fuck off.

In all seriousness, why do people think it’s okay to speak to others in such a way? I mean, I get that in recent years, being as offensive as possible has become the new trend that all the kiddies in video games and the online world have flocked to because there are little to know consequences for their actions and they can’t be throat punched through the computer. But come on, man. People will surely say, “Just ignore them” or “grow thicker skin” instead of getting to the root of the problem, addressing it and trying to fix it: lack of respect for other people.

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