What’s new?

This little flower has been quite busy. My guild, Casual Cutthroats, has grown–not too big, but grown in closeness and strength. We’re still uber casual, but we have such a good time playing together.

My stream is also growing, slowly but surely. I’ve been playing around with the graphics for my Twitch channel, creating new buttons. I’m definitely getting better with creating graphics. I’ve joined two amazing teams where the communities are basically intertwined. Everyone is incredibly supportive and it’s mad fun.

Also, after talking to a few of my new viewers, I’ll be writing some World of Warcraft fan fiction, starring the Banshee Queen and Varian Wrynn.I’ll expand on this in another post. I’m just beginning to read more of the World of Warcraft lore and, of course, it’s all from a masculine point of view. I’ve never written fan fiction, so this is something that will interesting for me–new territory.

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