World of Warcraft: Legion Undersea Survey (World Quest)

I am directionally challenged in the game. Yes, I know. You probably thought I was just super amazing (totally kidding). Being directionally challenged does NOT help when you are attempting new quests and cannot “google” those quests. Well, here’s one that was a bit annoying to find: The Undersea Survey world quest, which is located in the center of Azurgale Bay in Suramar.

Objective: Find the the four pylons and activate them. Underwater. Deep underwater. Surrounded by overzealous Naga and friends. Oh! This quest gives 50 Nightfallen Reputation.

Northern Surveying Pylon Coordinates: 78.45, 56.55Northern Pylon Survey 1

Western Surveying Pylon Coordinates:74.48, 56.69Western Pylon Survey

Eastern Surveying Pylon  Coordinates: 79.54, 63.08Eastern Pylon Survey 1

Southern Surveying Pylon  Coordinates: *approximately* 80.06, 68.62, near a patting, named giant.Southern Pylon Survey 2

I’ll try to post coordinates on WoWhead. Happy questing!

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