More World of Warcraft Legion Fan-girling

I just can’t get over how amazing the scenery is! I swear, the imagery really just sucks me in. When people ask me why I love this game so much, it’s this scene that explains why.


And do I have a “pixel crush” on Jarod Shadowsong?

Me and Jarod
Jarod Shadowsong taking me on a quest. *swoon*

Another thing I’m enjoying about this expansion: having a holy “Voidwalker”. Well, it’s called a Lightspawn and you can get him once a day from the Well of Light to fight for you for ten minutes. He heals you as he’s fighting. I wish there was an option to have Lightspawn instead of the shadowy thing.DD and holy void

Even though, on Blizzard’s side, the game has been running fairly smooth (thank you, again, Blizzard), idiots have decided to DDOS WoW. Why? You would think hackers would be smarter. “Let’s annoy everyone because we’re bored and because we can” should be their motto. Do something different. Be original. Hack the major US banks and corporations and reset our society. Be useful, shit. As soon as I hit 110, WoW crashed. And of course, with me being on a very populated server, the queue time was 30 minutes. I don’t mind the wait. I can multitask. But I shouldn’t have been knocked offline for the selfishness of others in the first place. *end rant*

Before bed, I tested the waters of a few new dungeons. They were all so much fun to play, but Maw of Souls has the best end boss fight so far. Why? Stormy weather, held captive on a ship that takes you to the WoW equivalent of Hades (I love the incorporation of twists on various mythologies).

Maw of Souls
New Dungeon: Maw of Souls

Halls of Valor was pretty fun, as well. Can you say, ‘Ludicrous speed’?

Speedy in Halls of Valor
Halls of Valor

And of course, the transmog!

new new transmog 2new new transmog

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