World of Warcraft: Legion Release is Purely Epic

So many people, including myself, were dreading the launch day usual suspects: severe lag, server disconnects, random restarts. Who remembers the Warlords of Draenor epic “I’m stuck in flight” fiasco when we first discovered our garrisons?

stuck flying
Stuck on our gryphons, then we fell out of the sky…

The release of Legion was not only a huge sigh of relief, but it’s been purely amazing! Legion is the smoothest expansion release I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. I was already logged into my account, playing my alliance priest when it was released. All I did was hit “reload ui” and BOOM! My experience bar was simply activated and a quest popped up on my screen telling me to meet up with Archmage Khadgar.

And the content? Beautiful, rustic and natural views.

Instead of the lonely, boring and overly hyped garrisons of WoD, we have individual Class Halls. The Priest CH is so serene. And I think I witnessed some romance brewing between two NPC Priests.

My artifact weapon is so dope! I was disappointed that weapons were removed from the game. However, when I received my artifact weapon and learned how they worked–much like our old class talent trees, I was so stoked. I’m so glad that I decided to stick with Discipline and not switch to Holy. Discipline is incredibly fun and has such high survivability. Although, I did accidentally kill a Shaman (twice) with my dots. He/She/They was questing near me and, if you play Disc, you know that when you use Penance on a target effected by your Purge the Wicked, your Purge the Wicked spreads to nearby enemies, including enemy players. I’m all for PvP–I love it! But I wasn’t intentionally trying to PvP, only get some quests done, so I felt a little bad–and powerful!Artifact weapon talents

Blizzard is known for including pop culture into WoW and Legion is full of it. Have you seen the meme floating around of Dave Chappelle as Tyrone Biggums, a crack addict character from his sketch comedy, Chapelle’s Show? The memes are always asking if we have anymore of whatever is popular at the time. One of the most popular versions of the meme is “You got anymore of that WoW subscription?”

Meet, Runas and other mana fiends.

Are you playing Legion? What’s been your favorite aspect so far? I’ll be streaming Legion throughout the week. If you aren’t playing Legion, come get a glimpse of how it looks! So don’t forget to follow my social media to find out when I stream so you can stop by and say hi!

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