The Update

A lot has happened since I’ve last written a blog post for GAW Writes—so many wonderful things. “Blood of Zee” is nearly complete. I became a Beachbody Coach and have a fitness website; I’ve lost 42lbs including fitness into my daily lifestyle, eating healthier and just feeling amazing! I am obsessed with Les Mills Pump! I have a fitness blog on my website as well, which I have included in the menu.

Back to “Blood of Zee”: Instead of self publishing the novel, I’ve decided to search for a literary agent. “Zee” should be completed between the end of January to mid February.

My problem is I’m super busy still finishing up my degree. I’m taking Calculus and I haven’t taken a math course since 1999!!! So, with me focusing on writing and trying to NOT fail math, I’m incredibly busy and no time to self-market. Priorities, right? But, I am so proud of my work. I’ll give you a little quote from the book.

“Your Highness,” he responded mockingly and in a calm, unsettling voice, “when your family has a situation–a mess, that needs to be cleaned up in the foulest, most villainous of ways, they call me.” Zoe did not blink. “And yes, I am at your disposal, too.” He smiled, sending a chill through Zoe’s body. “Of course, I could teach you a few things, if you’d like. So. No hard feelings?”

Want to be caught up before the book hits the stores? Check out the short story prologue, “Blood of Zee: Unfinished Business”

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