Conversations with a Depressed Girl

Conversations with a Depressed Girl

Ever been in a crowded room and felt more alone?

Driving to work, crying in the car because the pain of your existence is excruciating.

Ever try to reach out to the people around you? Screaming, but no one hears you?

“You’re fine. Nothing’s wrong with you. You’re not depressed.”

Come home from work and go straight to bed.

“If you were depressed you wouldn’t be able to function.”

Why do I feel empty? Lonely? Foresaken? Punished for a crime I didn’t commit? Sentenced to life in pain, misery, sadness?

“I know what you’re going through. You just have to endure. Pray about it.”

The way I’ve been enduring for years, hanging on by a thread for a year? Fighting, scratching my way to better only to still feel worthless? A burden on all around me.

“You’re not a burden. I’m mad that you don’t trust us too talk to.”

So that I can push you away like I do everyone else?
sorry for yourself. Let me know when the pity party is over.”

Don’t worry. You’ll know when it’s over because I’ll be relieved.

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