Indie Author Spotlight: Roland Nunez

Who are you?
My name is Roland Nunez from Oklahoma. I currently work at a university as a student affairs professional.

Where are you from?
I currently live in Oklahoma, but I was born in New Jersey and grew up in Florida.

What’s the title of your book?
Halls of Ivy, and its sequel, Halls of Ivy: Pathfinder

What genre is your book?
Mystery, Mystery/thriller, though some would consider it a literary mystery

What’s your book about (in your words)?
My own words? Let’s see. To sum it all up, it is about a doctoral student who takes it upon herself to investigate a string of student suicides on a college campus when the administration nor the police seem to be doing anything about it. She interviews a group of students who knew the victims and as a result finds out there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye. It’s almost as these suicides are connected…

What makes your book so special that we have to read it?
Well, for one thing, it’s not you’re run-of-the-mill mystery where you just go along for the ride trying to find the culprit. The entire series takes place in the fictional college campus “Sun valley University”. Despite the mystery novel plot, the novel takes a very realistic approach to college life, conveying the emotions of the students that Cheyenne (the protagonist) interviews, and how they all fit into this large puzzle. The book is not so much about solving the case, but the journey taken to get there, and the growth that happens as a result.

Link (s) to your book:…

Is this your first book?
Yes, and my second one will be releasing this summer on June 21st.

Is writing your primary job?
Not at all. I work full time at a university, which gives me a lot of my inspiration for the stories I tell in this series.

Who are some of your influences and why? They don’t have to be limited to authors.
Like mentioned earlier, many of the people I’ve met at the universities I’ve attended and worked at have influenced some of the characters and plots in my books. Just about everyone I constantly associate with in some way influences my stories. I believe everyone has a fascinating story to tell, and writing is the perfect medium to share them.

Finish this story:
”He stood there, the rage dissipating from his eyes as he stared into hers as every structure around them crumbled.”
She had wronged him for the last time. All the lies. All the backstabbing. He always considered himself a patient man, but one can only take so much. Trying to pass off his life’s work as her own was the last straw. Stealing his heart was only icing on the cake. And the nerve of her, being upset because HE was the one to confront HER? If neither of them left that room that night, so be it.

 Do you have a:
Facebook Fan Page:
Twitter: @HallsofIvyBooks

What methods have you used to promote your book or books? Which have worked for you?
Word of mouth with friends and family, my Facebook page, TV interviews with local news stations, book signings, and website promotion such as goodreads and librarything. However, those are the traditional promotion methods.
I’ve also created some unique promotion methods that have worked very well in getting people interested.
Here’s a book trailer for the book filmed with a cast of enthusiastic student actors:…
And here’s a 3D Display of the university that the whole series takes place in, worked on by my wife and I for hours:…
And of course, I’m currently working with a graphic artist on creating portraits of every character from the book so readers can see what they would look like:…

Amazon or Barnes & Noble? Why?
Amazon, only because I used Createspace to publish and they are linked with Amazon. Plus, more of my friends use amazon than Barnes and Noble so it’s easier to get them to buy and review.
15. Have you read Blood of Zee: Unfinished Business?
I have not. I’ll have to look it up.

Tell the world why indie authors rock.
Because indie authors write about what they’re passionate about, and will continue to work hard to get their message across out there, dedicating hours of sweat into promotion and fighting an uphill battle. Indie authors bring in those unique stories that you don’t really see in traditionally published books. That’s because an indie author writes what’s on his/her mind, focusing more on the story told than the profits earned.


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