Another piece from Blood of Zee: Old Blood, New Life

*Just a sneak peek into part two of my book series, Blood of Zee series, “Blood of Zee: Old Blood, New Life”. Make sure you’re all caught up and up-to-date with part one, “Blood of Zee: Unfinished Business”.

Zoe smiled and rose from the table, along with Amelia. They headed up the stairs where Mr. Pierce was perched outside of Zoe’s room. Amelia smiled at Zoe as she wished her a good night’s sleep. Mr. Pierce opened the door to Zoe’s room, allowing her to walk through. The only light in the room came from the moonlight shining through the bedroom window. When Zoe stopped just before reaching the bed, Mr. Pierce stood close behind her. She could feel his warm breath play with her neck. Zoe turned her head slowly, looking down, nervously.

“Is there something I can help you with,” Zoe asked, half intrigued, half afraid, for the last time he stood so closely behind her, he had a gun pressed against her spine.

“Look under your pillow,” he said in a voice lowered almost to a whisper, raising hairs on the back of Zoe’s neck.

Zoe slowly walked over to the bed to lift the pillow nearest her, finding two long, thin, steel daggers. They looked identical to those she used when she fought and barely survived Amelia.

“For tomorrow,” Mr. Pierce said. Zoe lightly traced one of the daggers with her index finger, not sure whether to worried or excited. “Be ready, Zee.” and with that,Mr. Pierce left Zoe alone. Zoe turned her head toward the door only to catch Mr. Pierce’s back as he was leaving. She lay down on the bed, on her back and stared up at the ceiling as she examined the daggers, watching their shadows dance with the luminous moonlight entering from her window.

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