Guess which newbie was nominated for an award? Me!


I really want to thank Stephyy from Pretty Little Dreamer for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award for “Unfinished Business.” It really means a lot to me, especially being an aspiring writer, fairly new blogger still finding my niche and putting my heart and soul out there for the world to see—my joys, my pains, my life.

The PLD Awards also ask that the nominees select 15 blogs we’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. First, I have to say that this makes me feel warm and fuzzy, a sense of community that seems to be pretty rare during these times.

1. Cribbings: Extremely interesting and entertaining.

2. LiveLoveLieHate: Raw emotion and pain I can, sadly, relate to.

3. The Joys of Home: An Army Wife blogger who loves to cook and decorate and shares some of her life and struggles.

4. My Life His Wife: Another military spouse. She has differing opinions than mine on gender roles, but it’s cool. I enjoy reading what she has to say.

5.  Patience Mason’s PTSD Blog: A very informative blog about living with and coping with PTSD.

6. Insane in the Mom Brain: Wildly entertaining, fun blog.

7. Adventures in Make-up: My guilty pleasure, my girly time, so many cool girly things from amazing make-up artist, Shahada, who also makes the best all natural body balms, facial washes, soaps, moisturizers and fragrances. The only stuff that doesn’t break my skin out.

I’ll post 8-15 tomorrow. The pups are looking at me as if I am keeping them awake because it’s past my bedtime. Our bedtime.


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