Good-bye Angry Soul, Hello Love

You loved me when I was angry, soul heavy with depression

You held me, comforted me, consoled me when I was filled with sadness and I loved you for it.

But, when I stopped being angry, stopped arguing, stopped fighting, and became quiet, you stopped loving me.

I’m not angry anymore and I guess you saw the light beginning to shine through me.

When I think back I noticed that you only heard the negative things I said.

I had to yell and scream in order for you to take me seriously.

But when I spoke softly, gently with love and wanting, my words fell on your deaf ears.

I don’t want to be angry and I shouldn’t have to be

Just so the man I love will hear me.

You’re drawn to negativity and at one point so was I.

But all that hurt and anger used up so much of my energy and nearly killed me inside.

I can’t do it anymore. I’ve supported you and loved you and tried to be the friend that you said you needed.

But I didn’t realize, until now that you only allowed the angry words into your heart and it’s eating your soul alive.

All I can do is pray that you realize it for yourself so that you can find your peace of mind and live.

Because right now, as much as I love you and want to work things out with you, I don’t have any more to give.

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