An excerpt from “Battle Tested & Heartbroken”

Homicide by Love
What do you do when you’ve been killed by love?
You seduced me into wanting you,
You made me love you,
You begged me to need you,
You smiled at me and kissed me so lovingly after we both said I do.
And now, for no reason other than your selfishness, you say we are through.
So what do I do?
Move on, they say,
But how can I move with no heart,
My soul asphyxiating drenched in blood from you ripping it apart.
I can’t breathe.
I gasp for air,
I grasp for you,
Although torn to pieces my heart still remembers you,
My heart still wants you.
But my mind has to remind my heart “He said we’re through.”
I die every night,
Murdered by your lies of love,
Silently ridiculed by my family and friends who said “I told you so”
You’re too good for him, they say
You’re a strong, independent woman, they say
They say.
They say.
They say as the life and love I knew is stripped away.
I lay dying,
I wake crying,
I pray sighing,
I keep dying,
A victim of homicide by love.

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